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Is Hypnosis Right for You?

How Hypnosis Can Help You!

Hypnosis relaxation lets you communicate directly with your subconscious mind by bypassing the critical part of your brain, like accessing your internal operating system.

Through hypnosis, you can more easily implement your desired changes to enhance your personal growth.

Hypnosis vs. other Options*

Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
Behavioral Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions

*From Health Magazine, February 2007. Your results may vary.

Discover the Benefits

Hypnosis Works

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Google reviews & testimonials

Based on 15 reviews
Cherie Malona
Cherie Malona
Joann was incredible. I had a PTSD heart response I needed to figure it out. I got off all my heart medication, secured positive thought process and strength to live without regrets looking forward to tomorrow and living in the moment. Joann was/is worth gold.
Esther Leiva
Esther Leiva
Joann, thank you for the imagery shared and the tie-in to the high vibration of gratitude. What a masterful way of nurturing replenishment.
Chelsea Sounds
Chelsea Sounds
Joann is an amazingly gifted healer of the mind. So professional, kind, welcoming, and understanding. Using a few different tools— including hypnotherapy—, and in only a handful of sessions, she helped me overcome a myriad of complex issues that I had been working on for years in traditional talk therapy. I had no idea I could experience such complete and quick relief. I was also amazed that there was no intense reliving, rehashing, processing, or other emotional/mental discomfort that I had to go through to get relief. I’m a convert. Hypnotherapy works, and Joann is an amazing practitioner. Thank you so much for changing my life.
C Carpenter
C Carpenter
For years, every time I heard a loud, sudden, or high pitched noise I would get a panic attack. In addition to other trauma-induced issues, I also had great difficulty falling and staying asleep. We addressed the panic attacks in one session, and I haven’t had a single attack since! This was huge! I went from multiple panic attacks a week to ZERO! All because of Joann. In another session, we addressed my sleeping issues, and, just like the panic attacks, I haven’t had a problem since! Sleeping is so much easier, and the quality is so much better. We had these sessions about 5-6 months ago, and there is still no inkling of my issues recurring. Thank you so much Joann! You changed my life!
Carrie Tremlett
Carrie Tremlett
I’ve only been to see Joann once (but I have 2 more appointments booked) and that was for stress/emotional sugar bingeing and for stress related sleep issues. That first night I slept for 9 hours! 9 HOURS!!! And the real test came today when I was stressed and sad but I had zero sugar cravings! Thank you so much Joann and I can’t wait to see you again next week!
S McGuirk
S McGuirk
Always wanted to try hypnosis and did with Joann.She is amazing : totally warm,honest,professional and genuine. With Joann's deep listening and safe ,gentle guidance, I went to a place ( you know,that place we all have.) and had a life changing experience .Just wonderful.No 'hocus pocus', or whatever I thought would happen.It was and is a blessing. do not know why I never did this before,but so glad I did. I gave it as a gift to friends and they too were quietly astounded. Do yourself a her,you have everything to gain.I did.
Cathy Giorgio
Cathy Giorgio
I met Joann Dunsing at a Yoga Nidra event she hosted in Milford, CT. After having spent only that short time with Joann, I contacted her when I realized she was just the person skilled enough to hypnotize me. Being hypnotized, for me, involved some very personal issues I was able to share with a professional who I knew was responsible, fair and extremely skilled in hypnotism. Joann Dunsing Hypnosis is very reasonably priced. I recommend Joann to anyone.
I have just starting seeing Joann in June and I must say Hypnosis has been working and I'm no longer eating for two. I'm excited to have lost 10 pounds already
Robert Pataky
Robert Pataky
I have waited one month to leave a review on my session with Joann in regards to “Stop Smoking Cigarettes” using Hypnosis. The reason for the wait was that I did not want to leave a review and then have to go back and change it. I have been “Cigarette Free” for just over one month!! I had sent Joann an email stating that I would like to be hypnotized to stop smoking. Joann replied to my email and we set a time for a phone interview. We did spend some time on the phone and we set a time for my session. I am an older gentleman and have been smoking since my teens. I did try being hypnotized in the past, it did work for a while but sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you resume old habits. Currently I need a few medical procedures and my doctor states that nicotine will affect how I will heal. The choice became simple, stop smoking. Not knowing when I set my appointment that Covid-19 was set to change life as we knew it, I met with Joann and was hypnotized. I had walked into Joann’s office with a Positive Attitude and firmly believed that I would no longer smoke and I left with no desire to smoke! Even as crazy as life has become recently I honestly can say I have no desire to smoke. A special “Thanks” goes out to Joann for helping me to get rid of my cigarette addiction!!

It was just gone!

“I totally forgot about chocolate for an entire week after my first session. I mean I forgot so totally about it that it didn’t even occur to me until I came back for my second session. It was just gone!”

A. T. , West Haven, CT
former chocolate addict

People are telling me I seem like a new person…

“I’ve stopped destroying my fingernails. I’m so excited. I have so much energy. People are telling me I seem like a new person. And I’m going to get a manicure for the first time in my life!!”

C. D. , Madison, CT
anxiety sufferer

I was able to get on an elevator…

“After working with Joann I was able to get on an elevator for the first time in 40 years!”

E.H., Hamden, CT
former fear / phobia sufferer

I highly, highly recommend her…

“I am a trainer of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Joann is one of the few hypnosis professionals I trust to be MY hypnotherapist. I highly, highly recommend her.”

Mark Shepard, NLPT
Certified Trainer of Hypnosis